Adelante’s wide range of programs and services are fully bilingual (English-Spanish) and provide assistance to families, youth, seniors, and diverse people of our communities.

Family & Youth Services

Community Outreach and Advocacy – Our free-of-charge services focus on the growing needs and concerns of local families and community members. Through our front desk and outreach advocates, we promote our services and programs and connect people in need to the resources available, helping them enhance their quality of life and move forward. Our case workers are fully bilingual and trained in the following areas:

  • Department of Social Services – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Emergency Housing and Heating
  • Department of Labor – Job Searching
  • Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security
  • Domestic Violence, Child, and Elderly Abuse
  • Food Pantries and more…

Download Intake Form

The attached intake forms (one in English and one in Spanish) can be used for any program. It is filled out once during the first visit only, and it helps Adelante have a better understanding of all your family needs, and how we can best service you. All information provided is confidential.