Family & Youth Services

Adelante of Suffolk County has focused on addressing the growing needs and concerns of the community by reaching out and providing them with the necessary resources to assist in their development by providing not only community services and support groups, but also by incorporating and encouraging family structure and support.  In most cases our families are hindered from participating due to the economic deprivation, and language barriers.  The objective is to strengthen and develop community members that will become active leaders in the community by providing them with the necessary tools to achieve their goal.  Our counselors receive extensive educational training on the issues facing the community and accessing resource guides continually so that they can better services clients needs in the following areas; Department of Social Services, Social Security, Domestic Violence, Child and Elderly abuse, Immigration, Discrimination, Housing, Education issues, Veterans Affair and Crisis Intervention.

2012 2011
Number of Youth served in 3,429 4,568
Number of Family member served in 8,872 8,363


Days and Hours of Operation – Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Phone: 631-234-1049 · Fax: 866-531-5389 · Email:  · website:


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